Reflecting on the HeART of Healing

Over the course of our collaboration with the Building 21 students working on the HeART of Healing Project, I noticed significant mutual growth and maturity. By the end of this semester, the students I had been working with seemed more comfortable and confident in their own voices and abilities, and as a collaborator I felt more knowledgeable about media and… Read more →

Exhibition Opening

It was very exciting to see all the Building 21 students’ hard work come to fruition for the HeART of Healing exhibition opening. The work was placed in the CA Galleria, where visiting artists’ installations are often set up. I think placing the students’ projects there is a great way to help them see themselves as serious artists. They can… Read more →

Entryways to the Creative Process

I’ve really enjoyed our interactions thus far with Building 21 students. I have definitely seen progress in how the students are utilizing media-making and some of them appear to be motivated in moving their projects forward. I think the students range in their progress level in their projects, but I think for some students, learning to use forms of media… Read more →

Converged Literacy

Converged literacy is when people use different forms of media to portray an understanding of a common idea. The different media are in conversation with one another, and their various qualities allow for new ways of looking at a situation. These can include text, videos, audio recordings, visual art, and many more, and the distribution of work among multiple platforms… Read more →

Blog Post 1: Goodman Chapter 1

I thought it was really interesting in this chapter how Goodman described the two opposite responses society has to teenagers in the inner-cities. The fact that these kids are viewed as troublemakers or criminals by traditional society and viewed as trendsetters and artists of the future by mass media. These mixed messages must be extremely confusing to young adults, as… Read more →